Executive & Personal Coaching

Coaching is aimed at unlocking the potential available inside everyone of us to help us grow

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is designed to help individuals, small businesses as well as large organisations to grow and change. Executive Coaching has usually three parties involved : the coach, the coachee and the sponsor and is performed one-on-one. Executive Coaching can be provided to virtually everyone inside the organisation. The only prerequisite for coaching is a willingness to change and grow.

It will help you and your organisation with:
  • Facilitate change in attitude and behaviour to help your employee deliver improved results.
  • Develop and grow your talented people.
  • Improve the performance and effectiveness of your managers.
  • Change the company culture and create a more supportive work environment for your people.
A typical coaching program

Coaching program

Before the program, I start with a chemistry session where I check the chemistry with the coachee and fix the targets for the program together with the coachee and the sponsor. After the program, I like to sit with the coachee and the sponsor to review the progress against original targets.

Personal Coaching

Coaching is also very useful outside of the organisational setup. If you want to grow and change something in your life (e.g. relationship, health, finance), coaching will help you raise you awareness and find new paths towards your goals.

The program is the same as for the Executive Coaching without the review session as the sponsor, in this case, is also the coachee.

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