"everyone needs a coach"

Bill Gates

What is Coaching?


The relationship between a Coach and his client is a Partnership which focus on the client’s growth. Executive Coaching takes place in a managerial or corporate setup.

The Coach

Helps to clarify and set goals you want to achieve , keeps your focus on the essential, explores new possibilities as well as supports and encourages you to do the next steps towards your final destination. His entire focus is on YOU.

The Process

The Coach drives the sessions by following a model. His role is to ask questions, listen, challenge and explore new ideas. The usual outcomes of the sessions are actions YOU defined and committed to that will bring you closer to your goals.

Code of Ethics

As an AoEC Accredited Coach, I follow their code of practice.

What is not Coaching

Coaching is not councelling or therapy. The coach focus is on supporting the customer’s personal development, not repairing old wounds.
Coaching is not consultancy services. The coach does not give  opinions or take the responsibility for the actions agreed.

What MS Coaching offers


Coaching helps you grow by raising your awareness level and unlocking your potential. Find out if Coaching is what you need.
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My Story

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News & Inspiration

Every information your brain processes is influencing you. It can either have a positive or negative impact. Unfortunately, you cannot choose what you let in or not. This is why it is as important to feed your mind with positive thoughts as it is important to feed your body with healthy food. Here are some inspiring crumbles of positiveness gathered along the way

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Building Confidence

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